An easier way to clean, match, and manage data.

If you need to match or integrate or compare mismatching data across multiple files, databases or other data sources, you’re in the right place! Duplicates? Search no further! This is our sixth commercial solution! Match Data Pro has the most complete suite of point and click tools on the market including advanced data profiling, data orchestration, data normalization, data transformation, data cleansing, configurable fuzzy matching, merge-purge, deduplication, entity resolution, and data integration (among other use cases!). These solutions are being built for the masses! Meaning, small and large organizations alike, and technical and non-technical users alike! It’s super simple, secure, scalable, and configurable!

Single User Solution

By default, SaaS subscriptions can be purchased for single users. Contact MDP Sales to discuss the multi-user version of Match Data Pro. Both options are available for both SaaS and Licensed/On-Premise solutions.

Multi-User Solutions

The Multi-User version of this solution allows Admins complete control over the workspace, to create and assign user profiles, user accounts, and allows users to collaborate by sharing access to data, to projects, to project settings, and to co-create better processes and outputs!

Fuzzy Matching

We implemented (AND EXPLAIN) more than 10 different matching algorithms to help you find all possible relationships


Its not enough to match in order to dedupe records. We also allow you to assign a master record (surviving records) so that only one records per groups is kept.

Entity Resolution

We have the Senzing Entity Resolution Engine installed under the hood for best in class contact matching

Data Integration

Each job can pull data from dozens of different data sources like files, databases and more, can transform the formats, the schemas, the data, and can push the data to one or multiple target files, databases, etc.

Data Cleansing

Prepare your data with over 50 different cleansing options so that you remove any chances of false positives during the match event.

Data Profiling

Designed to give you insight into data quality issues as well as cleansing opportunities to prepare your data for high confidence matching.

GUI (On-Demand) - Simple User Interface to Create Jobs

Create project, choose data sources, add steps, and export your data! It's super simple! Once a user creates a project, that project will serve as a configuration file. The system doesn't save the data but it does save the settings, and the user can save, edit, or run the project on-demand!

Scheduler - Ask About our Scheduler to Schedule Jobs

Once a user creates a project, that project will serve as a configuration file. It doesn't save the data but it does save the settings, which means we can schedule the job to refresh the data sources, and to run the job on a schedule. *Please contact MDP Sales if you're interested in the Scheduling function.

REST API - Ask About our REST API to Run Jobs

Over the years we've taken hundreds (or thousands!) of requests to go beyond scheduling, where a REST API could kick off a saved job. Now we can! *Please contact MDP Sales if you're interested in the REST API to start your saved jobs.

SaaS Subscriptions

We have monthly, quarterly and annual subscriptions available to our SaaS services. Contact MDP Sales for some general orientation and start your free account today to do some testing.

Containerized and Licensed/On-Premise

We also offer containerized, licensed/on-premise versions of the software if you'd like to deploy the solution within your own environment. And it's nothing super complicated! This solution can be deployed the same day its to default settings.

Ready to see how Match Data Pro can simplify your data ops?

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