Record Merging Database Software for Merging Matching Records and Merging Different Files and Databases

A common use case for record merging is matching or comparing the data from multiple different business systems. Let’s say System A and System B, your marketing and sales systems. In this example, let’s assume that each system contains some of the “same” data, and some unique data. What starts as one of many initial contacts (and perhaps companies, addresses, phone number, etc.) in the marketing system, convert to one of many other contacts and much more information in the sales/CRM system, with many changes to the information over time, later converting to product and billing information in other systems requiring more changes to the “same” data. The data downstream rarely matches the data in previous steps in the customer journey. Record merging is helpful to “link” the data in these two systems, so that those relationships can be understood and can be made visible.

So we match the data from the two systems, and then maybe we update the system ID from each system, onto the other record from the other system. This is a simple example of “linking” the information across these different systems, through record merging.

Record merging can be much more complex, but Match Data Pro gives you all of the tools and our sales team will be happy to help you with the configuration.