We love deduplication, merge & purge baby!

The first data set contains 100 records and the second data set contains 200 records. 50 matching records (duplicates) have been found. After deduplicating, how many records should remain? What would you guess? 275? The answer depends on how many groups of duplicates were found. If 25 groups of duplicates were found, 300 records in, 25 groups of duplicates (50 records in total), after deduplicating those groups the number of duplicates resolved would be 25. 250 + 25 = 275. But what if the 50 duplicates were all related? What if there’s only one group of 50 duplicates? 250 + 1 = 251.

In a nutshell, that’s deduplication.

The Match Data Pro Fuzzy Matching function allows you to find matching records and groups them into groups of matches or duplicates. Deduplication simply means “resolving” those groups of duplicates to a single record per group. There are many different ways to “resolve” duplicates and our sales team would be more than happy to talk through your situation to help you get it right.